Coastal IVF Sunshine Coast Philosophy

26 February 2014

Our aim, at Coastal IVF Sunshine Coast, is to make our patients feel comfortable and self-confident. Only the best quality is something we strive for each day, improving constantly to be at the forefront of new technologies in reproductive medicine. However, we do not only provide quality with our results, but also with our “know-how” for treating patients in the atmosphere in which we receive them.

Individuality and personalization are part of our main philosophy. Once the treatment has been decided and started, each of our patients will have close contact with our Nurse/Midwife Jayne Herman & Dr Paul Stokes on regular basis to ensure the best care. Couples’ satisfaction is our priority.

What makes Coastal IVF Sunshine Coast unique is all ultrasound, scientific work and procedures are attended on site. The Sunshine Coast Day Surgery adjacent to our office in Maroochydore provides hospital care for specific IVF procedures. Therefore giving us the opportunity to provide you with the best fertility, infertility, gynecology or obstetric services.