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28 August 2013

My name is Kirrily, I started seeing Dr Paul Stokes of Coastal IVF Clinic back in January 2005 when I was 31 years of age after being referred by my GP. When in discussions with my GP I told her I only wanted to see the best Sunshine Coast IVF/fertility specialist...and was immediately referred to Dr Paul Stokes without hesitation. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 12 months without any success. This was very frustrating for someone so in-control of their life. What I wasn’t prepared for and I don’t know you can ever be is the emotional roller-coaster that is fertility treatment. The highs and lows of finding out you aren’t pregnant and starting again each month with the most positive attitude you can muster....believing each month that you will be pregnant....but fortunately we had a team of specialists at Coastal IVF that helped us understand, make decisions and direct us through our infertility.

To cut a long story short by December 2005, after 6 months of not trying to conceive due to being on a treatment program for endometriosis and then moving through the infertility treatment process for another 5 months, I was pregnant, we knew very early on, thanks to Coastal IVF being a full-service clinic, which we found out often meant it ended up costing less than those having to go to various outsourced services to have ultrasounds and the like. Then at 4 weeks we found out we were having TWINS.... what a surprise! And very pleasant one at that. I then chose to continue with the Coastal IVF team as my obstetrician for the remainder of my pregnancy. What great decision; Dr Stokes, determined to get me to 38 weeks, monitored me carefully through a very healthy pregnancy, even putting me into Sunshine Coast Private Hospital to monitor me for a period of time one month prior to the birth. At 34 1/2 weeks (not quite the 38 weeks) I gave birth to a baby boy 6 pounds 1 ounce and a baby girl 4 pound 4 ounces - both very healthy. They spent 2 days in neo-natal intensive care unit then moved into our room at the hospital for 10 days until Dr Stokes was confident that me as the mother was in good stead, not just that the babies were healthy. This is the type of care that Dr Stokes and his team give, not just focusing on the delivery but the post-natal care equally.

In the almost 7 years since my twins were born I have seen Dr Stokes annually as my gynecologist. I couldn’t recommend the Coastal IVF team highly enough, giving Dr Stokes the control to give us our dreams, was the best time to lose control!

Thank-you to Paul, Peter, Jayne, Jenny and the rest of the team.