Coping with infertility

12 June 2013

Finding out that either you or your partner is infertile, or sub-fertile, can be a traumatic experience. One or both of you may experience feelings of guilt, anger, blame, denial, self-pity or jealously, this may place stress on your relationship. These feelings are common and IVF clinics provide counselling services to help you deal with them.

Going through infertility treatments can be an emotional roller-coaster, one that no one wants to be on, especially for patients who fail to become pregnant after a number of cycles. The beginning of a cycle is full of hope, anticipation and the anxiety of wondering "am I pregnant?" This can be quickly followed by dealing with the disappointment and despair of 'failed' cycles.

It may take a while before a couple undergoing infertility treatments becomes pregnant. It is hard to pinpoint why an IVF cycle doesn't work as there are many factors to take into consideration. Ultimately, the prospect of never having children may have to be faced.

Many couples find fertility support groups useful for sharing coping strategies and experiences our friendly team at Coastal IVF Sunshine Coast will assist you in all facets of infertility.