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25 April 2013

Long abstinence Improves sperm equality?
False. Exactly the opposite is true! Long abstinence results in lower quality sperm as the ratio of immotile spermatozoa increases.

Alcohol has a negative effect on the male reproductive function?
True. Studies have shown that excess consumption of alcohol may adversely affect sperm quality and delay natural conception.

Smoking has a significantly adverse affect both on male and female fertility?
True. Smoking is a major limiting factor for a couple’s prognosis; it has a negative effect on the quality of both sperm and oocytes as well as the function of the uterus. Smoking will decrease success rates of all methods of assisted conception by 30% or more.

A healthy diet combined with moderate physical exercise improves your fertility potential?
True. An increasing number of studies confirm that lifestyle may have a significant effect on the probability of pregnancy.

Couples undergoing IVF treatment with a relatively unhealthy lifestyle are less likely to succeed; they can improve their prognosis by adopting certain changes in their lifestyle, such as quit smoking, lose weight, even for a period of just one or two months before their treatment!

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