How does smoking affect fertility or infertility?

6 May 2013

As stated in previous blogs, smoking has a significantly adverse effect on fertility. If you are currently smoking and trying to fall pregnant this is for you.

The impact of smoking on women.

Smoking has been proven to have a negative effect on numerous independent parameters of female reproductive capacity. Studies have shown that women who smoke cigarettes will take a longer time to conceive compared with those women who have never smoked. Up to a 22% reduction has been seen in smoking women's potential fertility and 30% or more with ART procedures. Cigarette smoking has also been shown to damage egg quality, decrease the ability of the egg to be fertilized and increase the chance of miscarriage.

The impact of smoking on men.

According to recent scientific research, the most frequent cause of fertility problems in men is low sperm count. It is also important to know that cigarette smoking can also damage sperm production. One study stated that male cigarette smoking might be a precipitating factor in preventing fertilization.


Quitting cigarette smoking can be difficult. With ongoing support it can be easier. Talk to our staff at Coastal IVF and they can recommend some programs to help you stop smoking.