How to cope when everyone around you is pregnant?

5 March 2014

Just like when you are buying a car and you see that brand of car everywhere (but never noticed it before), likewise this occurs when you are trying to fall pregnant. All of a sudden all your friends, co-worker,s or even worse a close relatives conceive....and it feels like even the staff & customers at your local grocery store are pregnant!

Etiquette dictates that you be happy for them. And part of you probably is! You wouldn’t wish infertility on anyone you like. So it’s not that you don’t want them to be pregnant, but you want to join that club more than anything in the world.

So how to best maintain your sanity when faced with a pregnancy announcement?

Here are some basic rules:

  1. If you feel comfortable, tell the person that you are happy for them but since you are facing a struggle building your own family, could they please leave you off their pregnancy email/Facebook pregnancy updates
  2. Support them to the best of your ability but don’t do anything which makes you feel sad or resentful. Do not under any circumstances host a baby shower. Contract a stomach virus the day of the shower.
  3. For a baby gift, go online and order some of your favorite kid books. Do not even think about going into a baby boutique.
  4. Focus on your own infertility journey. Remind yourself of everything you are doing to increase your chance of conceiving a healthy baby.
  5. If all else fails, use humor. What happens if that baby inherits the dad’s nose or mom’s ears?
  6. Remind yourself that you don’t want their baby. You want your baby!
  7. Remember that their pregnancy has no bearing whatsoever on your chances. There is no annual pregnancy limit in your office, town, or family. But most of all, know that feeling sad and envious after hearing about someone else getting pregnant is totally normal. You are not a bad person because you feel this way.

And know that by continuing your treatment with Coastal IVF Sunshine Coast you are one step closer to having your dream of a family come true.