IVF/Fertility Care with a GUARANTEE!!!

10 January 2019

As of January 2019, Coastal IVF is offering fertility care/IVF with a guarantee! So what does this mean?

We trust in our reliable outcomes and success rates and because of this we are now offering all patients undergoing IVF cycles at our clinic a guarantee!
The guarantee is this – If there is not a viable pregnancy on the first stimulated IVF cycle, you will be guaranteed no out of pocket cycle costs on a second subsequent IVF cycle at Coastal IVF.
Explanatory Notes / Terms and Conditions

Viable pregnancy means an ongoing pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound after 6-7 weeks gestational age

The guarantee is for the subsequent treatment cycle only.

The subsequent IVF treatment cycle must be commenced within 6 months of the starting date of the initial treatment cycle.

No out of pocket cycle costs means all costs after Medicare, Health Fund and Safety Net Rebates.

This excludes: donor cycles, genetic testing, anaesthetic or theatre fees etc or any other services not provided by Coastal IVF.

A PDF flyer about this guarantee cant be found on the Costs page of our website!