Optimizing Fertility

15 May 2014

Healthy Living

Because your weight, health and lifestyle can all affect your fertility, it is important to make sure you are eating well, managing your weight, and exercising. Being overweight or underweight can have consequences for your fertility. In addition, exercise can help reduce the elevated stress levels that many couples reach when trying to conceive. Find out more about exercise and good nutrition here.

Healthy Eating

Good nutrition can help to prepare your body for pregnancy. It is important to ensure you are eating the right foods and optimizing your health.


Physical activity in moderation can help to reduce the stress of infertility. It can be a time for quiet reflection or a time to sweat out the frustration.

Relaxation & Stress management

There are numerous methods for decreasing stress, including learning relaxation techniques and stress management strategies, taking a good look at your eating and exercise habits, and remembering how to be good to yourself. Before trying any of these techniques, however, check with your doctor to be sure they are appropriate for you and will not interfere with your treatment.

For more ideas about how to optimize your fertility speak to the team at Sunshine Coast’s Coastal IVF.