Vitamin D link to improved IVF outcome.

29 April 2013

The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology recently reported on two US studies that suggest Vitamin D may be linked to improved IVF outcomes.

In one study Vitamin D deficiency was suggested to be associated with lower pregnancy rates, with the study indicating that there may be a link between Vitamin D levels and the endometrium.

An earlier study by Dr Lubna Pal indicated that women living in areas that have higher exposure to sunlight (UVB) had higher live birth rates when using donor eggs.

Both studies imply a role for vitamin D and improved fertility outcomes. Further research into the action of Vitamin D on reproductive health has been called for.  Given that sunshine exposure is one of our major sources of Vitamin D – you now have even more cause to step outside, relax and enjoy the sunshine!

By Kate Pryde