When do I Ovulate?

22 March 2014

Listen to your body...

Cramps in your lower abdominal area usually on one side, can indicate ovulation. Some women have a light bleeding during ovulation.

Chart your Basal Body Temperature

During the first half of a cycle, your temperature will be lower. A temperature spike points to ovulation.

Changes in your cervix....

As ovulation approaches the cervix pulls back up, softens a bit and opens just a little to let the sperm through.

Cervical mucus

A woman’s mucus becomes clear and stretchy around ovulation. This is a BIG tell tale sign of ovulation.

These hints and tips are to help you find out when you are at your most fertile, unfortunately it sometimes isn’t just that simple and you may find you still aren’t pregnant. That is when it is time to visit Sunshine Coasts infertility specialist, Dr Paul Stokes of Coastal IVF who you will need to be referred to by you GP. The Coastal IVF team have a combined experience of over 77 years.