Why aren't you pregnant? Infertility for her & him.

2 May 2013

When the time comes to have a child, there is an expectation that it will just happen, it did for your mother and father, sister, friends, cousins, so why wouldn’t it for you! Unfortunately for many pregnancy doesn’t occur that quickly nor simply.

Infertility can be very frustrating, so when it just isn’t happening where to from here?

For her

Your first point of call will be your local GP (General Practitioner), they will most likely do a number of blood tests and/or refer you to a fertility specialist such as Dr Paul Stokes of Coastal IVF on the Sunshine Coast. At Coastal IVF your desire to have a child is handled with respect from the receptionist, to the nurse, scientist and Doctor. At your first visit we discuss and study your history. We then plan all examinations and tests necessary. Depending on your examination results Dr Stokes will select the method that is most suitable for you.

For him

The process of assisted reproduction presupposes the active participation of the partner. The husband/partner likewise undergoes a series of examinations and, depending on the results, some preliminary treatment might be recommended to increase the probability of conception.

The team at Coastal IVF is always there for you and gives you details about the whole procedure. We are proud at Coastal IVF to be one of Australia’s most successful IVF Clinics based on pregnancy rates as a predictor of a successful outcome.