Assisted Reproductive Treatments vary with each procedure and a final cost can only be given after treatment has been determined following consultation with Dr. Paul Stokes.

As a guideline, the following are the approximate final out of pocket costs for treatment cycles (after Medicare and health fund rebates)

Ovulation Induction/
Intrauterine Insemination:
Frozen embryo transfer cycles:
Booking Fee (Applicable to IVF/ICSI cycles only)

For patients undergoing IVF at our clinic in 2019, treatment now comes with a guarantee! You can read more about this in the flyer below (Flyer for 2019 PDF) or the blog on the homepage of our website!

Overseas patients

The prices are quoted in Australian dollars. The level of cover varies widely according to different insurance schemes and it is difficult to cover all variations in medication costs etc. For IVF cycles the costs may increase from the above by up to $6000. Individual-specific quotations will be provided on request.

Reducing scale for repeated treatment after unsuccessful treatment cycles

Flyer for 2019 PDF.pdf

Although success rates at Coastal IVF are consistently high, some people/some types of cycle will require additional treatment. When this occurs, failed fertility treatment is emotionally and financially taxing. We have therefore introduced a simplified schedule to help alleviate some financial stresses for the people who require a repeat cycle. Coastal IVF is unique in Australian clinics in providing a reducing scale of fees for our patients after repeated unsuccessful cycles.

Our detailed fee sheet for patients can be obtained by contacting the clinic.

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