Many couples are unable to have their own child because sperm or egg production is abnormal or absent altogether. Such couples would benefit from gamete (sperm or egg) donation or embryo donation (usually from another infertile couple who have completed their family after Assisted Reproduction Treatment).

Under current regulations donations cannot be financially rewarded, with the exception that reasonable travelling costs can be covered.

Donations can be anonymous or known (such as between siblings or friends). In some states there is a requirement that donor details be held on a register, to facilitate later contact between donor and child should both parties be in agreement. This is currently not required in Queensland however the situation may change with the current discussions occurring in both State and Federal parliaments.

All donors are required to undergo counselling by our infertility counsellor to ensure that the implications of their donation are fully understood.

If you are interested in becoming a donor or would like more information about donating, please contact the practice on (07) 5443 4301 or