Donor / Recipient Program

Coastal IVF Donor Program

The donor gamete (oocytes/sperm) and donor embryo program is managed separately to our standard IVF treatments. This is because of specific and complicated requirements regarding supervision of donor couples and recipient couples which are mandated by NHMRC guidelines. There are also mandatory requirements for long-term management of patient information necessary to implement a donor program.

For all donors in Australia, the donation must be altruistic i.e. no fees can be paid to the donor. However, the donor is eligible to be compensated for their “out of pocket costs”. You can either recruit your own donor (known donor) or you can use an anonymous donor through Coastal IVF. You should contact the practice to make an appointment with Dr Paul Stokes & our nurse to discuss the donor program.

If you are looking at receiving donor gametes/embryos please click the ‘Recipient Information’ link. If you are looking to donate, please click the ‘Donating’ link.