Luteal phase support

The two weeks following embryo transfer can often be an arduous time awaiting your pregnancy test. During this phase we may give medication by injection or pessaries or a vaginal gel to maintain the lining of the uterus to assist implantation and possibly improve the chances of pregnancy.

During this stage you may visit the nurse coordinator who will check your well being and give moral support. At any of these stages please feel free to contact our clinic if you have any concerns. You may resume normal activities the next day following the transfer. Regular exercise and minimal stress is recommended.

All couples enter these treatment programs with high hopes and dreams of a family. It would be wonderful if everyone could conceive simply and without fuss. The reality is that pregnancy rates in all reproductive treatments are only around 30%, so treatments can be prolonged and fraught with disappointment, frustration, depression and anger. Success rates are also significantly dependant upon the age of the female partner, with pregnancy rates declining significantly in women aged in their late thirties or older. It is important to bear in mind that in a highly fertile couple the best pregnancy rate that can be achieved in a single cycle, under ideal conditions with correctly timed intercourse, is around 20%. We will give you an honest assessment of our views of what your chances may be and indeed one treatment cycle often enlightens us as to the specifics of your infertility and what modifications may improve your prospects in future cycles.