Male factor infertility

Approximately 40% of couples have infertility which is male factor based. There are many variables in a sperm count - these include the absolute number of sperm, the normality or otherwise of the sperm and the capacity of the sperm to swim freely and effectively. Abnormal sperm counts can be temporary or more permanent and in general terms despite many attempts to improve abnormal sperm counts, little can be done for many males. The approach now is to do the best one can with the sperm that is available. Treatments range from simple therapies such as Artificial Insemination with the husband’s sperm (AIH) through to complex therapies such as Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). With modern reproductive techniques, the male factor is less a barrier to conception than it once was and one would expect the use of donor sperm to diminish over time.


Sperm Morphology


Testicular Tissue