Tubal and uterine causes

In Vitro Fertilisation was initially developed to treat women with blocked and damaged tubes. Surgery for blocked tubes has been traditionally fairly unsuccessful as there is usually damage to the inner lining of the tube and while it is reasonably simple to get the tube permanently opened it does not function correctly. Where a tube has been blocked surgically as in a sterilisation, reversal of this sterilisation procedure is often appropriate, especially with the newer methods of clip sterilisation. In Vitro Fertilisation and Embryo Transfer becomes an appropriate therapy for most women with tubal blockage due to prior infection and some women who have been previously sterilised.

Uterine causes

Uterine causes of infertility are rare but some women will have intra-uterine adhesions due to prior intra-uterine surgery or prior infection.


Tubal & Uterine Causes