What to do next


You will need to have an initial consultation with Dr Stokes preferably as a couple. Please phone and make this appointment after you obtain a referral from your G.P. All appointments can be made on (07) 5443 4301, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm. After the consultation with Dr Stokes you may require further investigations which he will discuss in detail with you and there will be routine blood tests. You will be required to have an internal scan at your next consultation and the husband/partner will most probably require a semen analysis.
Once your cause of infertility has been determined you will be able to move onto the next phase of treatment. Follow the A.R.T. and the ovarian stimulation links to learn more about these aspects of infertility treatment.


Registration with Coastal IVF is the next step. This fee includes registration with "access australia" – an Infertility Network of Australia. Once you have registered you require an interview with our nurse coordinator. This interview will take approximately 1 hour and is intended to provide a detailed explanation of the particular treatment you are undertaking. This is followed by an interview with the Practice Manager to explain the financial aspects of your treatment. Both partners must attend.