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We offer treatment for international patients.


Ideally patients should be referred by their local doctor who can advise us of relevant medical and infertility information.

Where possible visits to Australia will be kept to a minimum by working with your local doctor.

The length of your stay in Australia would depend upon how effectively we could arrange to have your pre-treatment investigations and treatment monitoring done at home. Bearing this in mind the length of stay would range between 1 and 2 weeks.

As every couple is managed on a strictly individualised basis we try to suit their personal circumstances and ensure the best possible infertility care is given.

Non-Australian patients are not eligible for Australian Medicare benefits. It is not possible to give accurate costs until a precise course of treatment has been determined, please contact us for more information.

Our Location

Maroochydore is located about 100kms north of Brisbane and is easily accessed by road, via the Bruce Highway, or by directly air from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Buses also run from Brisbane airport several times a day.

Alternative access by train is possible to Nambour which is about 20kms inland from Maroochydore and then by taxi to Maroochydore.

Our facility is located on the periphery of Maroochydore CBD directly overlooking the Maroochy river and is within short walking distance to excellent accommodation, entertainment, business and shopping facilities as well as the beach and river.

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