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Donor & Recipient Program

Egg & Sperm

Coastal IVF Donor/ Recipient Programs

Our donor gamete (oocytes/ sperm) and embryo program is managed separately to our standard fertility treatments. This is due to specific and complicated requirements mandated by the Australian NHMRC guidelines.

In Australia, donation must be altruistic, in other words no fees can be paid to the donor. However they may be compensated for any “out of pocket” expenses.

Patients may choose to recruit your own donor (e.g. a friend or sibling) or use an anonymous donor through our program. If you would like more information, please contact our practice and make an appointment today.

Central IVF Donor Egg Brochure

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Recipient Information

Depending on the situation, some patients may require a donated egg, sperm, or embryo to achieve a pregnancy. At Coastal IVF we have a range of options available to make your journey a successful one.

Oocytes (Eggs)

1) Known donors – a sister, friend or relative who is prepared to undergo IVF procedures to donate eggs to a couple/ patient known to her.

2) Anonymous – There are women who undergo IVF procedures locally and overseas to donate eggs for the treatment of infertile couples/ women.

3) Central IVF – Coastal IVF has partnered with the UK-based Central IVF to provide donor eggs and sperm from overseas with minimal wait times and the guarantee of embryos. Visit their website for more information.


Like with oocytes, sperm donors may be known (friend, sibling, relative etc) or anonymous. Coastal IVF provides both local and overseas donor sperm options for patients who require this service to conceive. Donor sperm may be used in all types of assisted reproduction not just IVF.


Donor Embryos have been altruistically donated by former patients who have successfully completed their family with Coastal IVF. These are usually by anonymous donation and have limited availability. Enquire today for more information.


Donating sperm, eggs or embryos is an extremely generous and rewarding act. 

Many couples are unable to have their own child because sperm or egg production is abnormal or absent altogether. Such couples require donor gametes (sperm or egg) or embryos to conceive.

Under current regulations donations cannot be financially rewarded, however donors can be reimbursed for any out of pocket expenses. 

Donations may be anonymous or known (such as between siblings or friends). In some Australian states there is a requirement for the donor details to be held in a central register. This is to facilitate contact between the donor and child, should they be requested. Whilst this is currently not required in Queensland, the situation may change with ongoing discussions occurring at both the State and Federal level.

All donors are required to undergo counselling by one of our fertility counsellor to ensure that the implications of their donation are fully understood.

If you are interested in becoming a donor or would like more information about donating, please contact the practice on (07) 5443 4301 or via email:

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