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Donor & Recipient Program

Egg & Sperm

Coastal IVF Donor / Recipient Program

The donor gamete (oocytes/sperm) and donor embryo program is managed separately to our standard IVF treatments.

This is because of specific and complicated requirements regarding supervision of donor couples and recipient couples which are mandated by NHMRC guidelines. There are also mandatory requirements for long-term management of patient information necessary to implement a donor program.

For all donors in Australia, the donation must be altruistic i.e. no fees can be paid to the donor.
However, the donor is eligible to be compensated for their “out of pocket costs”.

You can either recruit your own donor (known donor) or you can use an anonymous donor through Coastal IVF.
You should contact the practice to make an appointment with Dr Paul Stokes & our nurse to discuss the donor program.

Central IVF Donor Egg Brochure

Recipient Information

When circustances require that you need to receive an egg, sperm, or embryo to achieve a successful outcome, Coastal IVF have a range of options available to make your journey a successful one.

Oocytes (Eggs)

1) Known donors – a sister, friend or relative who is prepared to undergo IVF procedures to donate eggs to a couple/patient known to her.

2) Anonymous – There are women who undergo IVF procedures (without reward) locally and in Australia in order to provide eggs for treatment of infertile couples/women.

3) Coastal IVF partners with CentraLIVF to provide donor eggs from overseas with minimal wait times and the guarantee of embryos. You can view the CentraLIVF Egg Donation information HERE, or visit their website

If you think our Egg Donation Program is right for you, please contact the practice to arrange an appointment with Dr Paul Stokes.


Our fertility program provides a donor gamete service for infertile couples. There are many couples who find themselves unable to conceive without donor sperm available for use. You may also recruit your own sperm donor (Friends etc). If you would like more information on receiving donor sperm, please contact the practice to arrange an appointment with Dr Paul Stokes.


Donor Embryos have been altruistically donated by former patients who have successfully completed their family with Coastal IVF. These are usually by anonymous donation and have limited availability.


If you would like to help a couple achieve a successful pregnancy by donating, Coastal IVF can facilitate this.

Many couples are unable to have their own child because sperm or egg production is abnormal or absent altogether. Such couples would benefit from gamete (sperm or egg) donation or embryo donation (usually from another infertile couple who have completed their family after Assisted Reproduction Treatment).

Under current regulations donations cannot be financially rewarded, with the exception that reasonable travelling costs can be covered.

Donations can be anonymous or known (such as between siblings or friends). In some states there is a requirement that donor details be held on a register, to facilitate later contact between donor and child should both parties be in agreement. This is currently not required in Queensland however the situation may change with the current discussions occurring in both State and Federal parliaments.

All donors are required to undergo counselling by our infertility counsellor to ensure that the implications of their donation are fully understood.

If you are interested in becoming a donor or would like more information about donating, please contact the practice on (07) 5443 4301 or



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