The 2 week wait – Frequent Questions

The 2 week wait between treatment and testing for a successful conception can be a stressful time.

Here are some frequently asked questions you might have while waiting for your result.

What if I am spotting?
If you start to have vaginal spotting, don’t panic. It is possible to be pregnant and spot as well.

Does it mean I’m pregnant if I have symptoms?
Remember that some of the early physical signs of pregnancy: breast tenderness, bloating, tiredness and stomach upset can also be caused by
the drugs you may be taking, such as progesterone. Symptoms of pregnancy can come and go in some woman. You may feel very pregnant one day and feel nothing the next day. You can’t depend on your body to tell you if you are pregnant; you have to wait for the test.

Do I need to stay off my feet? Can I exercise?
Dr Stokes at Coastal IVF will instruct you regarding activity especially if you had an IVF cycle. In any case only do moderate exercise – avoid step aerobics and exercise that elevate your body temperature and pulse rate excessively.

Are there any foods I should avoid?
Eating sensibly and avoiding too much processed food and limiting alcohol intake is highly recommended.

Should I avoid intercourse?
Unless you are spotting, intercourse is fine. However, discuss this with Dr Stokes if you have had a history of miscarriage or are facing a high-risk

Will the cramps and twinges that may be a result of progesterone ruin my chances for implantation?
No this is just a side effect of the progesterone and does not impact implantation.

I’m thinking of using a home pregnancy test before my blood pregnancy test. Will it be accurate?
The most accurate test is the blood test. If you had a hCG shot you must wait at least 12 days to get an accurate result with a pregnancy test.
Testing any earlier could give a false positive result.

What symptoms should I be aware of, and should I contact my doctor if I have?
If you have any of the following symptoms:
– a fever;
– bright red vaginal bleeding;
– abdominal, pelvic, neck or leg pain;
– feeling faint or extremely dizzy and weak,

then call Dr Stokes at the Sunshine Coast, Coastal IVF office.
They could indicate an infection or tubal pregnancy, which need medical attention.

We know the two week wait can be a tense one. So try as best you can to relax and enjoy the process.
If you have any questions or concerns, call our offices any time to discuss your concerns with a caring team member!



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